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The Art Renewal Center - celebrating and promoting romantic, academic, and pre-modern art.
'Higgins, The House Painter.' Smithsonian Institution Libraries. Traditional paint recipes and techniques with plate illustrations.
Cook Woods. Commercial site with examples of exotic hardwoods.
CGFA. Fine Art painting. Caution needed - uses mirror links, avoiding the blocking of active content and adware.
Liz and Chris Clark. Scenic Artists
fine art:
Frank Gambino. Artist and WMC Life Class member. Frank is featured in ITV's A Brush With Fame.
The Society of British Theatre Designers.
Web Gallery of Art. European painting and sculpture - C12th to mid C19th
John Singer Sargent Virtual Gallery. Overcomplicated confusing site and navigation, but worth a look.
Art History Resources. Internal/external links to movements, artists, museums, ages, and countries.
artnet. 25,000 living international artists.
ArtCyclopedia. Artists sorted by name, medium, subject, nationality, women.
Alan Wild. Photographer.
Joe Barrow. Artist and WMC Life Class member.
The Athenaeum. Visual Arts and Humanities.